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Hope my post finds you  all well , has anyone tried those new running shoes innovation named (Enko) , came across them while searching on the internet for the best running shoes out there that provides both comfort and power.

Anyways ,if yes please feel free to share your experience , since am thinking of buying one

Thank you!


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kiehls review

Its been a few month now since I have tried this night serum , it was my first ever product from Kiehl’s , sure I have heard a lot about this brand , but I wasn’t aware of how beneficial its products are … so let me tell you my feedback on this  miracle , how many of us don’t sleep enough , that you wake up in the morning have a tired look , this product did the job! it made me look as if I had the best night sleep !

My personal feedback  on the product:

Pros :

  • Suits all skin type
  •  It has a lavender scent, very relaxing
  •  Luminous skin in the morning
  • Heals the acne scars
  • It lasts almost 3 month


Cons :

  • Not an anti-aging product
  • The scent is strong and somehow discomforts the eye


Hope it was helpful , again it’s my personal feedback 🙂

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Happy Saturday . . .

Today’s post will simple be about kind simple gestures the image above was in a store … this small note does wonder … never underestimate the echo of a simple sweet gesture.While the world is going crazy try to be the change you want to see , be an example to your family , siblings, friends, and society. Be who you want to be associated with don’t wait for change , change does not happen eventually unless you take up the determination to make it happen! Although it’s easy said than done.”Have courage and be kind” … remember Cinderella’s mother last words.. Believe that all hard work will pay off someday . Simply have FAITH.

Support and inspire each other with kind words , moves etc…

Each and everyone of us is here in this life for a purpose ,Know it and make sure to be kind while you attain it. success is  worth nothing if its not shared.

Love your fate and have faith in God and yourself and you sure will have it. again  remember patience is key 🙂


PS: if you are a Valentino Fan check out their Haute Couture S/S 2016. Just login to their website. I loved it! Enjoy!!


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How many fashion shows you attended took your breath away where the whole collection is stunning , but yet wearable? Very few, however, when it comes to the the prominent Fashion designer Oscar de la Renta its an “exception”. He was known to be giving woman power by dressing them with his regal designs. As a designer, he had an eye and taste for what women are after; he believed they should feel feminine, comfy and chic all in the same time. In the 1960s his turning point was when he dressed Jacqueline Kennedy the first lady at that time, and by then in 1965 The Oscar de La Renta House was founded.

The designer at the end of a 1997 show in Paris.

The designer at the end of a 1997 show in Paris.

The Dominican Republic born Fashion designer lived in Spain and Europe for a long time, which seems to show so much in his dresses creation and choice of garments, very soft and classic. He had so much pride to his hometown once stated “My great strength is knowing who I am and where I come from”- my island. In his early years of design in the 1960s,De la Renta used unique color, fabric and embellishment which made his collection so popular in that period and remained iconic to this day. He often referred to his tropical background and vibrant color of the island as a source of inspiration for his unique designs.

In October of 2014 Peter Copping Joined the Oscar’s Fashion House as creative Director. He proved to share common design traits as the Co. founder where he included 3D embellishment, ruffles (inspired of flamenco dress) and feminine waist cut.


Elegance, outgoing, and old style glamour is exactly what springs to mind the moment I got to watch the Spring/Summer 16 runway show which took place in New-York there was something impeccable about the collection. During an interview Copping stated he was searching for modernism whilst have a hint of history for the upcoming Season. A cultural heritage has been truly embraced in this collection, which showed classical Spanish signature , that he thought would be a kind tribute to the founder, such as implementing lively colors (vibrant crimson) ,flamenco dresses, lace , tulle , vibrant jewel ,and studded espadrilles. The brand seems to stay true to its identity, rich heritage and its all time reference which was Traditional Spanish costume. This made the designer grow in design but in the same time implement a new era gesture of “casual chic” to the fashion house.

I personally loved the whole collection , and thought that Copping did a great job by taking the house fashion line to another level of young ,and contemporary while conveying a deep reference point of the fashion house by designing delicate garments with a Spanish romantic twist. He involved the need of nowadays woman lifestyle by adding a bit of ecstasy, where an innovative wider young generation will be captivated , thus style will start to evolve with time further than what we predict in the fashion world.

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