Yes …It’s September  and it’s time for show time… which means Fashion Week in London,  I love taking sudden snaps on the go  … I  like pictures when people in them are on the go! as you know the move to Brewer Street sees London Fashion Week increase its footprint across the capital  which has previously been located at Somerset House, the Natural History Museum and Battersea Park.

I loved the venue.I love the spirit around. Creative , passionate and fun! isn’t this what fashion is  all about. Let the fun begin to know more follow me @maysixdelights on instagram will try my best to cover this event.



Nora B.





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blue green

Summer 2013 new trend shade is called “royal-botanical-gardens”  , from  (Nails Inc. LONDON) a very bright calm color to suit all skin tones from tanned to fair skin  .

This blue green tone nail polish was always my favorite since 2010 !  gives a very calm yet fresh feeling and above all suits everything just like wearing a blue jeans when you can get to pair it (anyway/ anything) you want .


It seems am a very loyal blue shade person , actually any shade of blue always grabs my attention and makes me really feel in peace .

Whats your favorite spring/summer 2013 shade of nail polish ?