Be the change … 


“Be the change you wish to see in the world ” -Mahatma Gandhi

How many do dare to start in their own self , and be the change they seek ? In other words be an example to the upcoming generation, leave your mark …

Since the Somalia campaign was released  via Social Media I noticed a lot about my peers and community that I was probably not aware of …it’s the genuine act of helping people in need , the trait that most Kuwaitis and Muslims were raised to be , it’s not that it’s awkward or something it’s just the numbers which such good deeds were a lot making me believe that good genuine people do exist proving this was seen in the past 24 hours of the large artesian well Campaign in Somalia. From such an act I can Proudly say that I am blessed to be a Kuwaiti.

RIP Mohammed Ali


Well said.

The world lost a legend today , however I believe legends never die ,we all seem to look back at them for inspiration , and to keep us going on our mission of life.

May you rest in peace and in heaven as you wished and work for all of your life. Muhammad Ali 💗

The Hearts2reason Workshop



Loved the giveaway reminder and kind gesture ” Change starts within YOU” !!

Hope I got the chance to encourage or inspire you to attend or do a workshop that will help you evolve to the better! Personal developments sessions are the best treat to reward oneself with practice and time you get to see its effect towards your mental , spiritual and physical level.

Have a nice day! 🙂





Reality moment


Today my post is away from the fashion world , and its back to reality-moment. Sometime reality is cruel when you know the truth ,I am writing this post just to clarify that what happened in Paris January2015 is not a Muslim belief or behaviour.As a strong believer in God , Quran and our Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) we were taught to always seek peace, love, unity and equality , we were never guided to revenge,because we always believe in the higher power of God to those who harm us in any way or act,as known ” what goes around .. comes back around “I have faith in God and trust paybacks in life.What we see today in the world towards religion and humanity is truly sad,what’s worth living without having a set of moral principles, where it guides and supports us to be the best version of our own-self.

Much love,