Saturday Brunch 

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Last weekend , the weather in Kuwait was dusty and dull , as many of you may know by now that I love outdoors especially when it’s sunny and cool sunny cool days make me active and happy! Taurus syndrome. lol.

A sweet friend invited us over for a lovely brunch.The setup was beautiful overlooking the beach and food was so delicious .
Everything was beyond amazing đŸ’•đŸ’•đŸ’• 

Here are some snap shots:



Best Wishes,

Nora B.

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Yesterday I decided to cook my own salad , my latest obsession is on the Quinoa Salad either its with vegetables , roasted peppers , avocado and the list goes on …
But my favourite dish is the one with avocado yes !am a big fan of avocados and can’t seem to have enough.So decided to do my own avocado quinoa salad ie ;rich in all nutrients and helps me keep balanced with all the fibre and protein that the body needs. I bought my quinoa pack from Waitrose food shops.At the back of the quinoa item is a full detailed preparation,cooking,and storage manual.My avocado-Qinoua recipe was bought online from , and it turned out really yummy ,I was very impressed with the dish since it was my first attempt , btw if you have any delish recipe please do share đŸ™‚

Best Wishes,