Makeup Products Review 



Today I will be sharing my personal feedback on 3 different illuminators, since summer is here it’s all about sun-kissed skin and a great glow:

1.By Nars : personally I think this product gave me the best natural highlight I was after and again it’s my experience so basically it all depends on your skin tone, and texture. Suited me very well. Gave me the perfect glow. *Rating:9/10

2.By Benefit ( that gal) : was okay, I would use it probably winter time were it has no color just smoothes the skin.  *Rating 7/10 

3.By Mac : it gives a great glow , but as usual I don’t know why bas mac skin products such as foundation, bb cream etc.. don’t do me well. For the effect it gives I highly recommend it if you are after a flawless skin look. *Rating: 8.5/10

Hope my review was beneficial, just wanted to share And hope you have a great day!



20140112-125219 PM.jpg

Today my makeup review will be on Benefit’s fancy packaged products ,I have read a lot about their amazing makeup but didn’t have time to check them out , so as I was on vacation few months back,I was checking out new beauty stuff and came across their counter , and was offered to get pampered.

The first thing I loved their 15-HR PRIMER it is beyond amazing !! it really gives a flawless skin glow
The HELLO FLAWLESS Foundation gives a medium coverage oil free , SPF 25 . Gives a brightening glow on the face

The above 2 products are a magical DUO,Try them out . (If you have oily-medium combination skin)

Finally would recommend the NEW soft focus highlighter WATT’S UP ! It defines cheekbones really well .

Try it out and lets hear FEEDBACKS , to share with others