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It’s the “jolly pretty season “again Happy Christmas all the way from London ,may the end of 2014 be the best. I just adore the Spirit and sparkle that this month brings !! May all our wishes come true.
Enjoy the rest of 2014 days! Share your destination with us too!

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Art Dubai is one of the most leading art scene in the region , other than showcasing amazing pieces of art and sculpture it also takes part to raise funds for underprivileged families in the Arab world partnering with the World Food Programme .Proceeds from sales of tickets and catalogues are donated towards this campaign. Lucky enough I got an invite to the opening night (VIP Card)  ! it gives you free access with a guest to tour and meet curators and artists that took part in Art Dubai Projects and ladies lunch hosted by Cartier .

Here is a glimpse of my Artful trip :












The outdoor :



The Cartier Exhibition

The Cartier Exhibition

What i wore for the event .

What I wore for the event


Best wishes ,




Pre Merry Christmas to you people out there … so Christmas is just around the corner ..oh no .. days away ..

I love December because of its spirit people getting ready to purchase gifts , decorate , reunite and above all Celebrate ..

I just got back from what I call ” an offline vacation” and what i mean by that is get disconnected from my routine days task in order to recharge my self with a new challenging “ME” .

I have a lot to share regarding fashion trends , makeup tips and art . Its just I need to organize it before sharing it .


So whats your Christmas and New year plan ?



November in New York city


The New York City Marathon and Thanksgiving make November an exciting month to visit NYC or as nicknamed “The Big Apple”.
Here are some snapshots as I was roaming around our hotel

So what do you think ? It was my first visit to NYC , family and friends made me expect more that what i got to see in reality , to me NYC is so hectic , polluted, and over crowded , I would never spend a vacation there unless am there for work or for shopping other than that i would never think of going back there when compared to London (2nd home) to moi ,I consider L-town an (upscale NYC) so why go that far if i have london-Paris- Milan so close by, speaking of shopping that is .

Waiting for posts to share 🙂