Today I will be sharing a little gem of a book that changed a lot in me in terms of mind , soul and body.

Basically this book  How to Sit (Mindfulness Essentials) by Vietnamese monk Thich that Hannh  , shows how breathing is such an important tool that a lot of us is unaware of simply because we all breath so whats the fuss here ?

Well the query here are you breathing well ? if you do trust me your mindset will be reframed , how is that ?  you have more power on your thoughts and feelings. Breathing well is easy said than done He focuses on breathing & the rhythm of both inhale and exhale by implementing this we get to be more relaxed, peaceful and manage our emotions.

Meditation is a tool of breathing , by doing that right it takes us deeply inside of yourself to understand your self to the core , and to get this privilege  you have to start sitting yes sitting alone doing nothing ! some may find this useless , in a high paced world, it is easy to lose track that time keeping moving and all we can do is control how we spend it, and for  that “solitude” is a necessity not a luxury anymore , we truly need time to reflect back so deep to our soul , to understand and feel it and to know where are we heading to in our life. So sit down and be aware of your breathing.

As you get to be aware of your breathing habits you will be more relaxed , and by that freedom is held only if we are living the “here and now” .Simply seize the Now!  you will be attracting what you  always wanted . Let go of anything that doesn’t grow you anymore and watch your life transform to a long lasting of happiness and achievements. just attain mindfulness.

The joy of meditation is focusing and doing more of what makes you happy! its that what makes life real and exciting! Again, How To Sit is an inspirational, motivational and enlightening book that helped me implement a new mindset and appreciate the little things in life.Finally ,The quality of our presence is the most positive element that we can contribute to the world.






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Hello lovelies,

Currently reading .. I highly recommend you to check  this book out … now I know why am so attached to beaches and shores lol so there is some science proven that it gives you some peaceful energy ! And yes am also into the color blue. 

So now I know…  The Blue Mind 💙

Much love ,


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Yaaay!!! Finally Finished a well-known #1 BestSeller ” The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”.I personally think it was worth all the great outcomes heard it was a captivating read which took me less than a week to finish.Never finished a book in less than a week this was so awkward yet interesting its basically a story that talks to the soul and teaches it how to find happiness in life away from the materialistic world that we live today ,how many of us thought that by buying a car of your dreams,or by buying an exotic limited edition bag or owning the hugest estate or … the list continues …? that it will bring fulfilment,But as we evolve in life and check list all our wish list we still have this CALL inside us that still seeks for satisfaction and happiness,when you still have this alert inside you its a direct call from your soul telling you its needs nourishment ie by doing something that incites it either by reading a book ,gaining an information about a certain topic, helping the less fortunate, etc . . . it depends on your character after all. Seek the happiness within you never think that happiness is outside this is exactly what the Author Robin Sharma is trying to tell its often found within your passion,and purpose.
In conclusion, this book is full of examples and lessons that taught me to abandon consumerism in order to embrace a more spiritual and fulfilling life.Simply love your self by giving in and out whats best for it Attain it with healthy food intake , wealthy knowledge , and spiritual feed.
A Highly recommended novel.

Best Wishes,

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Today I just finished reading a great book “The Soul of Leadership” by the well known Author Deepak Chopra .
This great read enlightened me to a new journey in life i.e. that true leadership begins at the spiritual level. This book guides you to your inner soul and that you are totally in rule of your destiny and success ,It’s simply all what you think of or feel happens ,you are responsible for all immediate outcomes in your life ex: the successful visionaries expect miracles because they trust in constant support from the soul ” that simple.
Finally , miracles happen to those who trust their inner soul for support and guidance.
You have to read this book well worth the read very inspirational
With love ,

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eat pray love by Elizabeth Gilbert

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Just finished from reading a nonfiction bestseller (eat pray love) , it was one of the longest novels that I ‘ve read in a while  but was very detailed .An engaging, intelligent and entertaining memoir I then watched the movie , I seem to have enjoyed the book more than the movie itself ,Though I m a Julia Robert’s fan  but it made no essence. The movie was 140 min long , that somehow induced me to have  a nap while it was playing .