The True Meaning


Today I am sharing an inspiring video that I came across and was done by the Saudi Humanitarian Ameerah Al-Taweel  and a group of 4 volunteers that worked with her. After listening to Ameerah’s talk at the Arabia Media Forum in Dubai regarding our religion Islam and how She called on every Muslim responbility to define this peaceful religion Islam especially that sadly today it has been hijacked by “terrorists”and “extremist’ who assume themselves to be Muslim – but which in reality are very far away from any Islamic belief nor act.

When “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great)  this powerful phrase was discussed here due to it’s use 5 times a day in our prayers ,whenever we see beauty, and when we are weak, scared, and happy .This phrase simply glorifies the strength and power of one god (ALLAH) , and that (allah) alone is  greater and stronger than any situation or issue we face.

As a Muslim, I was raised to pray God ,believe in Racial equality and share love ,help the less-fortunate,believing in the Karma concept ( what you claim to do comes back to you).

Hope that I get to represent my role well and share a beneficial clear view of Islam.

Here’s the Video:

Regards ,

Nora B.


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