The “Liberty in Fashion” exhibition was a great source of inspiration for looking out and knowing a great heritage of the finest fabrics , textiles  and prints in the fashion world. Since Liberty celebrates its 140th anniversary as a company, it decided to showcase over 150 fabrics, products and textiles that represent Liberty’s strong identity relationship and collaborations. The most associated design to the brand was basically the paisley, floral and patterned prints and  vibrant colors.

Vintage colorful garments

Vintage Floral prints

As I roam around the venue it made me feel as if I was in a fabric-land heaven, it had lots of amazing timeless fabrics and designs that are used till today. Liberty simply taught me that indeed “true style never dates”.Throughout the years Liberty has managed to keep up with the changing fashions and styles of the decade whilst keeping its trademark look and identity. This can be particularly seen through two displays in the exhibition, one for the 1960s and one for the 1970s. The bright designs of the 1960s used a lot of Liberty’s fabric. The contrast of the 1960s display can then be contrasted with the 1970s display where romantic  garments show the quest for nostalgia which the ’70s brought.


1960’s design


1970’s design

A Dialogue with the East

This exhibition shows us that Liberty played a huge impact on the British fashion and its key trends from Aesthetic dress in the 19th century, through Art Nouveau in the early 20th century, and the reforming of these styles to the development of the now known “Liberty print” which made a lot of collabrations with Nike , The North Face and Trainerspotter . It simply invites you to know more of the inside world of this iconic department store history from oriental bazaar to a new evolved London shopping icon that every London tourist must see especially those interested in Vintage Fashion or fashion in general.  The exhibition is still on until 28th February, 2016 at the Fashion & Textile Museum in London.


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