Spring Season

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Spring is here yay💕💕💕
The colourful season is here
Apparently the snap shots above is Selfridge’s window display … Taken by my beautiful friend.
Personally ,I enjoy the Christmas display more as it has some sort of special sparkle and glamour.

So how many of you are In London town ?
Are you a spring/summer traveller type or winter ?

Share your thoughts lovely people 😎

Best Wishes,

Quote of the day

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As I was reviewing and planning my week with my new Passion-Planner notebook,I came across this Quote,I consider it a sign since I asked for one.

I heard a lot of success stories were reached by mistake or by luck … Hmm ..
so how many of you agree that things do not always work as planned but get you to places you never thought about
Let’s hear your thoughts lovelies 😉

Best Wishes,

P.S:The best is yet to come.

The Liebster Award(s)

Hello … Thank you to the lovely blogger who nominated me for this Liebster Award ; The Beauty Lane … you made my day my dear Nur 🙂 So here we go I have to answer the questions :

  1. Which country would you like to visit and why?DUBAI , FOR ITS POSITIVE VIBE AND ENERGY.
  2. London or Paris ?LONDON.
  3. What motivated you to blog? A passion of fashion , photography and writing.
  4. Do you have any pets? NO.
  5. Are you a lipstick or mascara girl? LIPSTICK.
  6. What is your worst habit ? HYGIENE OBSESSION.
  7. What trait are you most proud of ? GOT ACCEPTED TO THE ENGINEER SCHOOL.
  8. Any hidden talents ?SINGING.
  9. Your favourite dish? GREEN PESTO PASTA.
  10. Favourite movie? Alice in Wonderland.
  11. Swimming or Walking? Swimming

11 FACTS 1. I am the only girl in the family. 2. I am a Taurus .lol 3. I admire skincare and facials. 4. I have an obsession over body showers , oils , perfumes arabian scents etc.. 5.I love fashion and beauty. 6. I want to be a guru in my field. 7. Dear family, will make you proud.- my lifetime promise. 8.I want to earn my masters. 9. I want to be skinny and healthy. 10. I am a spiritual person. 11. My favourite colour is blue.

The Questions for the Nominees

  1. Who is your hero?
  2. Favorite book?
  3. What makes you calm?
  4. Blue or Black?
  5. Where are you from?
  6. Happy ?
  7. Are you Ambitious?
  8. Your Childhood Secret ?
  9. Your favourite colour?
  10. NewYork or Los Angeles?
  11. Working out indoor or outdoor?

The nominees