Healthy Week

Health and Fitness

Today’s post is about getting back to my healthy lifestyle .. it’s sponsored by  Qinoua Taboula , Mozerrella and avocado pesto dip with a glass of orange juice , feeling so weak this past week In desperate need of (vitamin C) to recover .

What healthy dishes with great taste do you recommend ?

3 thoughts on “Healthy Week

  1. Looks delicious ! Hope you’ll get well soon. x For a boost, I usually rehydrate intensely with lemon water and honey. Food wise , I tend to consume more green smoothies. Also, Beetroot juice is a.m.a.z.i.n.g for recovery – full of antioxidants,iron, minerals and other goodness. xx

    1. Amen! maybe its change of weather.. feeling fatigue can you please share what green smoothie you recommend? btw thank you lovely for your kind wishes and share xxx

      1. Green Smoothie – Lettuce + Kale + Cucumber + 1 lemon + 1 banana . I have this most mornings and it’s a good booster. Sometimes I add celery. Get well soon ! xxx

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