My Secret Share


Today my post goes to the lovely people who cares as much as I do about good scents , I randomly always get asked “excuse me , may I ask what perfume you have on, it just smells amazing, you left a great smell behind!” Happily replying “its a mixture of great scents together with exotic Arabian mix ( musk , oud and Bokhur)”.

Today,Decided to share my secret mix :
Perfume: Irish leather by Memo, Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford
Arabian scents: black oud + rose musk perfumes from Jazeerah.

The Oud and Bukhour : are very exotic and has been given by my grandfather and grandmother as a gift! There’s a reason why I cherish such stuff ! Family blessings And if am not mistaken they were bought from India and is now worth around 100 years! The older it gets the better.

*Bokhur: Arabian scented bricks that gives a beautiful smoke smell. Used only in special occasions .




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