Harrods Rewards

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Loved this Reward Points pack reminder from Harrods very fancy indeed compared to the usual ones we get to see! You get to collect points as you shop or dine in Harrods one of london’s landmark and finest shopping destination,with money spent there you get to a collect points which gives you then a free buy. You just need to apply for their loyalty card.

Thank you Harrods โค๏ธHope to be in store soon.

Much love,

My Secret Share

Today my post goes to the lovely people who cares as much as I do about good scents , I randomly always get asked “excuse me , may I ask what perfume you have on, it just smells amazing, you left a great smell behind!” Happily replying “its a mixture of great scents together with exotic Arabian mix ( musk , oud and Bokhur)”.

Today,Decided to share my secret mix :
Perfume: Irish leather by Memo, Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford
Arabian scents: black oud + rose musk perfumes from Jazeerah.

The Oud and Bukhour : are very exotic and has been given by my grandfather and grandmother as a gift! There’s a reason why I cherish such stuff ! Family blessings And if am not mistaken they were bought from India and is now worth around 100 years! The older it gets the better.

*Bokhur: Arabian scented bricks that gives a beautiful smoke smell. Used only in special occasions .