2015 Resolutions

Happy New Year to you lovely people out there … I dont know why but when I hear the term “New years” I always get a nudge that its time to write down my new resolutions …

I  was always looking for a planner where I can write things down and help me to make them happen  … So all of a sudden I came across this great Passion Planner and loved the concept after this product.Finally got the organizer of my dreams – check out the video for further details- just wanted to share this hope you like! Since am an organized fanatic this was by far the best gift!May you enjoy your upcoming 2015 with fulfilled resolutions.

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I miss Munich

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I miss Munich ,Germany so much !! It’s weird maybe I miss the mode of relaxation and the ease phase of life , I used to walk and shop along the boutiques that were just around our hotel The Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski, everything was easy to reach the finest boutiques , museums , coffee shops , gardens literally everything you wish for ! I loved their kind of transportation which was bicycling , and walk …
This city is well known to be home to many national and international authorities, major universities, major museums and theaters. Its numerous architectural attractions, international sports events, exhibitions, conferences and Oktoberfest attract considerable tourism.In 2013, Monocle ranked Munich as the world’s most livable city with the highest quality of life.Since the city’s motto has been “München mag dich” (“Munich loves you” now I got to know the reason of my sudden love to this city. It’s a mutual feeling after all.I highly recommend to visit this beautiful city , was worth the see
Much love,

Nora Reads

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Yaaay!!! Finally Finished a well-known #1 BestSeller ” The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”.I personally think it was worth all the great outcomes heard it was a captivating read which took me less than a week to finish.Never finished a book in less than a week this was so awkward yet interesting its basically a story that talks to the soul and teaches it how to find happiness in life away from the materialistic world that we live today ,how many of us thought that by buying a car of your dreams,or by buying an exotic limited edition bag or owning the hugest estate or … the list continues …? that it will bring fulfilment,But as we evolve in life and check list all our wish list we still have this CALL inside us that still seeks for satisfaction and happiness,when you still have this alert inside you its a direct call from your soul telling you its needs nourishment ie by doing something that incites it either by reading a book ,gaining an information about a certain topic, helping the less fortunate, etc . . . it depends on your character after all. Seek the happiness within you never think that happiness is outside this is exactly what the Author Robin Sharma is trying to tell its often found within your passion,and purpose.
In conclusion, this book is full of examples and lessons that taught me to abandon consumerism in order to embrace a more spiritual and fulfilling life.Simply love your self by giving in and out whats best for it Attain it with healthy food intake , wealthy knowledge , and spiritual feed.
A Highly recommended novel.

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Makeup buys




The above images are Charlotte Tilbury the well known Makeup Artist beauty stand … Which is exclusively sold in Selfridges I really loved her whole Makeup set from blushers ,eyeliner , eyeshadow , day-cream everything they have is amazing ! It gives you the perfect compact with your skin tone with superb finish.
You can also find it at the online retailer NETAPORTER.
Hope my review helped
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