Got this invite couple of days ago from Ecru ( a lifestyle brand) in Kuwait Can’t wait to check out their newly tropical fabrics … The best thing about their fabrics is the vibrant mix of Kuwait and India . It’s my second year of doing my own Kaftan( occasional dress)in ramadan , and hoping to find the perfect fabric from there as I did last year.

Who’s going ? if so Hope to cya there!
Much love ,

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Yesterday was my “May6delights ” blog 4th year anniversary !!!
Time marches on while we are engaged with our journey
Hope you are enjoying my journey as much as am doing

A big thankful words for those who were my full time supporters without you this would have never been here till this moment .
Thank you for everything .Much appreciated xxx

Much Love,

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About Me, Fashion

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A week ago I got an invitation via e-mail on “Nasiba Hafiz” preview collection ,unfortunately I wasn’t able to. For those who does not know who Nasiba Hafiz brand it’s a women’s ready to wear label inspired by old school glamor, tailored for the modern day woman , the designer is basically from Jeddah , SAUDI ARABIA . Loved the invite ,inspired by coca- cola logo .. Cool!

Anyways … Thank you for the invite and was looking forward to check it out but definitely will check out the collection 2014.

Much Love,


A lot of us got an empty crystal vase laying around at home with no purpose , and that you actually don’t know what to do with it .. so simply today I thought of organizing my makeup making it easier for me to handle things when wanted . I decided to put a couple of my lipsticks (mostly liked and used) by me together , but I wanted to be creative so I decided to get use of the useless crystal vase that was earlier a beautiful gifted flower bouquet.

Here are the steps:

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• Empty crystal vase
• Colorful paper wrap
• A scissor
• A bunch of blogworthy ideas