Go green attempt

Today was my first attempt of doing a green avocado salad with chia seeds , and it turned out to be a huge success , as told by my family members, the dressing recipe was made up by me,since I always enjoy the sour taste twist dressing , I assumed such ingredients :
1tsp lemon juice
2tsp extra Virgin olive oil
1tsp balsamic vinegar
1tsp flaxseed oil
1tsp ground pepper

Both the whole salad and dressing came out to be really delicious !!
Bon appetit and enjoy your Friday

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20140314-083012 pm.jpg

Best Wishes,

Jihan Alame Finest Jewelery in Kuwait

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“Jewelry is a girl’s best friend” as they say … indeed it is , I think its a girl’s Must-have accessory,to compliment her outfit. Guess what then ? Today , I’m attending the exclusive launch of Jihan Alame new jewelery collection at Harvey Nicholas Kuwait , am so excited to check out her new jewels it suits me so well .
Hope to see you !

Best Wishes,


Today I just finished reading a great book “The Soul of Leadership” by the well known Author Deepak Chopra .
This great read enlightened me to a new journey in life i.e. that true leadership begins at the spiritual level. This book guides you to your inner soul and that you are totally in rule of your destiny and success ,It’s simply all what you think of or feel happens ,you are responsible for all immediate outcomes in your life ex: the successful visionaries expect miracles because they trust in constant support from the soul ” that simple.
Finally , miracles happen to those who trust their inner soul for support and guidance.
You have to read this book well worth the read very inspirational
With love ,

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