harrods vogue live

While checking my e-mail , earlier today I got from Harrods about this exciting news of the first fashion live catwalk (Vogue Festival) taking place in March with association with Harrods, in support of fashion talents and street style trends.The fashion extravaganza weekend of Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th March at London will feature must-see speakers โ€“ including Cรฉline Creative Director Phoebe Philo, Alexander McQueen Creative Director Sarah Burton, Russian fashion editor Miroslava Duma and legendary designer Valentino Garavani โ€“ plus inspiring interviews, panel discussions, trend talks, workshops and the debut of the Harrods Live Street Style competition. The competition is basically about stepping into the fashion catwalk live posing with your street style in front of family and friends and the top 20 photos with the most likes on Instagram ,ofcourse are tagged (#HarrodsLive or #VogueFestivalis) .The Winner then will spend ยฃ1,000 Harrods Gift card since it will be in association with HARRODS. Don’t Miss out on this Live fashion event ,again you never know you might be the winner ๐Ÿ™‚
Good luck to the Public winner in advance , and hope to be there!

Plexiglass clutch trend

20140216-124916 PM.jpg

What do you think of this 2013/2014 trend the “Plexiglass Clutch” seems like all the known and high streets labels are launching this type of clutch bag such as Chanel ,Stella Mccartney,Charlotte Olympia,Zara,River Island, and the list goes on … but what caught my attention was this hilarious “Marry me” Clutch by Charlotte Olympia ,

Would you go with the trend and if yes ,what bag are you after in terms of brand & style?

Best Wishes,

My healthy dish

20140212-125139 PM.jpg

Yesterday I decided to cook my own salad , my latest obsession is on the Quinoa Salad either its with vegetables , roasted peppers , avocado and the list goes on …
But my favourite dish is the one with avocado yes !am a big fan of avocados and can’t seem to have enough.So decided to do my own avocado quinoa salad ie ;rich in all nutrients and helps me keep balanced with all the fibre and protein that the body needs. I bought my quinoa pack from Waitrose food shops.At the back of the quinoa item is a full detailed preparation,cooking,and storage manual.My avocado-Qinoua recipe was bought online from bbcfood.com , and it turned out really yummy ,I was very impressed with the dish since it was my first attempt , btw if you have any delish recipe please do share ๐Ÿ™‚

Best Wishes,

Walking Tall

20140209-033043 PM.jpg

Shoes … Shoes. . . When it comes to footwear , I can only think of the italian designer Gianvito Rossi. This designer pumps shoe fuse traditional craftsmanship with contemporary appeal which makes it stand out ,heel usually measures approximately 4 inches, which makes you stand tall – a wish of every women. Since this leather item has been made by hand crafted principles make sure to protect this handmade from the rain.