MyFitnessPal app. is a calorie counter , it will help you a lot if you are trying to lose / manage your own weight , its available on iTunes store . This app let’s you track your calorie intake all through out the day , and makes you know when to stop , also keeps track of your workouts both (Cardiovascular) & (Strength) .

Its simply “a daily fitness diary” or a “personal trainer” you name it …

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I so believe in this saying once said by the beautiful Model “Kate Moss” , “Nothing beats the feeling of being skinny”,the exciting thing about being fit or skinny you get to wear any trend you like and simply feel&look amazingly dashing !! But frankly speaking who can resist delish food ? obviously not me.I am now reading the SHRED revolutionary diet its by the same author of #1 Bestselling FAT SMASH DIET , IAN K. Smith.
Has anyone heard or even tried it ? The whole diet program is about portions and eating healthy ,and its a 6 week program , losing around 2 sizes down ! Yaaay! I really wish so.

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