What else would I be writing about other than Fashion , and more more of it . Last month I was on a short trip to Dubai , and as I was having coffee in DM( Dubai mall) I came across this multi-brand luxury boutique known as “Symphony” , I instantly fell in love with the place interior , collection and above all the recent event named Tasyourah concept in supporting local talent in the fashion industry and doing a local fashion reunion. Their collection will be available In store , with 10% going to charity . A very creative event with a genuine helpful objective . Very inspiring ! Loved the concept of fashion meeting charity …my 2 passion in life … Its just as looking and feeling beautiful … great combo that every individual aims for . . .

Let you now enjoy and see the interior of the boutique as much as I did

20130618-013407 PM.jpg

20130618-013516 PM.jpg

20130618-013532 PM.jpg

20130618-013547 PM.jpg

20130618-013604 PM.jpg

20130618-013616 PM.jpg

20130618-013630 PM.jpg

20130618-020544 PM.jpg

20130618-020631 PM.jpg

20130618-020723 PM.jpg

20130618-021012 PM.jpg


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