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Helloo fabric-land ….

This year I decided not to buy a ready-made Kaftan ( a traditional dress) that we usually  wear in formal occasions such as the Holy month of Ramadan & family gatherings , so I decided to roam around for great RICH Fabrics … eventually what I happened to find in the local textile market is the usual ones or lets say the “classic” design fabric  which in my case is pointless , I want a fabric that is different ,rich in quality/taste and at the same time light to wear seeming Ramadan this year is in July . Of course lets not forget color in the fabric ” A MUST ” , who knows me well knows which color I always love to wear which is blue turquoise.

Passing by Ecru exhibition , a newly launched Kuwait-based Homeware brand they happen to have great fabrics and great designs of dresses under the brand “NOON” very stylish for the summer . The fabric pattern was made by the designer Nur  she’s very talented and full of flair !

Happy me , I bought a fabric that had some turquoise prints ( my ultimate) favorite , it was exactly what I wanted . Now its time to think about the design process …

Share with me your inspirational ideas if you have some .. would love to share ideas

Here is a sneak peek of my lovely fabric ….


As described “Crab head print in hues of blue”


Happy 3rd Anniversary … May6delights

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Good day to all ,

Today is a special day , it is my  blog 3rd Anniversary ….  I can’t believe its been that long since I’v started blogging and getting to know you lovely people out there …

can’t describe my feeling at this moment … than that now I truly believe when they get to say just do it … start your dream and passion with a step and then everything will start making sense to you with time and thru this journey I got to know more about my skills and talents … after all nothing seems to be hard if you put the effort and attention to it .

Wishing everyone a great day and year ahead … and thank you for enjoying my blog without our dear followers and bloggers this would never last

Thank you :***


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blue green

Summer 2013 new trend shade is called “royal-botanical-gardens”  , from  (Nails Inc. LONDON) a very bright calm color to suit all skin tones from tanned to fair skin  .

This blue green tone nail polish was always my favorite since 2010 !  gives a very calm yet fresh feeling and above all suits everything just like wearing a blue jeans when you can get to pair it (anyway/ anything) you want .


It seems am a very loyal blue shade person , actually any shade of blue always grabs my attention and makes me really feel in peace .

Whats your favorite spring/summer 2013 shade of nail polish ?