Bags of the season

Helloo .. . been a while now … since I have been blogging  ,  just can’t manage time I have to be more punctual .

As a bag addict shopper and a recent traveller to London Town , I roamed around the shops and boutiques from high-end stores to high-street  nothing grabbed my attention other than the Balenciaga  fall 2013 bag collection it was different than their previous debuts . It was all about exotic skins . 

So what would you pick out of the whole collection ?

balci bag1

I bought the RED snake skin tote with structured lines  called BALENCIAGA PAPIER A4 SERPENT PEINT .I wanted just something different rather than the classic colors and prints.

Happy New Year









covent garden




Happy New year everyone ! wishing you all a great year ahead blessed with health , happiness and prosperity .

So what are your 2013 resolutions  ?