I first bought this book ” Making faces “ years back , probably in 2000  , I heard a lot of feedback back then on the makeup artist ” Kevyn Aucoin”  that he was one of the top hollywood make up artists , so I purchased the book since  it was so popular , I advise anyone who is interested in makeup and beauty to purchase this book , it helped me a lot in understanding my face features, shape and how to take care of my skin . It helps you define your beauty. The makeup artist goal was to expand the definition of what we consider “acceptable”  ” normal” and ” beautiful”  .  You will know what suits your skin tone and which will make you sparkle .  The best thing is that all of the people in the book are real people. Whether they are actress , housewives , working mothers , writers, designers lawyers or models . They are there for inspiration .

When I finished reading / focusing on making faces , a lot of my family , friends have  noticed a  difference in the way I look , I did nothing other than knowing more about what suits me  in terms of ( lip -colors , bronzers , kohl , foundation , eyeshadow )  and what helps me look prettier .

Don’t we all aim to? and yes it doesn’t mean to overload your face with makeup ; always remember Simplicity is the Key


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