Perfume To Buy


Summer is here , so you need a very fresh cool perfume the best that I’ v bought was this Tom Ford’s perfume , Its first debut was in New York and Paris , Its just very light to put on , I was given a tester but then fell in love with it and bought the biggest available which was 250ml ..

Grab yours if you love the somehow like baby johnson and orchid smell then this perfume will be the one you ll like

Mac Eyeliner Gel … Must buy


I just came across this amazing eyeliner gel product by Mac that I’v bought months back .. but never knew how phenomenal this product was until I had an occasion to dress up to . Its way better than the usual eye pencil Kohl that I have been using they easily smudge since we have balmy days , this suits more our hot summer days .

Grab one if you faced the same problem with the usual eye pencil kohl