Hot New Hair Trend


When speaking about hair trends , I choose to mention the lovely Cheryl Cole ! I love how she wears her hair , especially when she started the long hair trend , so ladies start to grow your hair if you are willing to be considered instyle with this season spring 2012 trend , its all about keeping a long healthy, shiny glamorous hair .

Winter 2012 : Trend Spotting


I know winter is nearly over , but I just can’t get over this winter’s trend which was the Fur vests – YES ! I just cant help myself and wait to get one speaking of “new OBSESSION”. I always love to look at new trends and make a wish list of things I’d like to pick up when these new items hit the stores but not any trend I seem to think of furs jacket and vests a kind of lifetime investment , you would never regret buying one you know you will need it someday. From faux to fox fur, this versatile statement piece adds a glam factor to dresses, jeans and beyond.

Here are some of the Fur Vests worn by celebrities that I liked :