Hot New Hair Trend

When speaking about hair trends , I choose to mention the lovely Cheryl Cole ! I love how she wears her hair , especially when she started the long hair trend , so ladies start to grow your hair if you are willing to be considered instyle with this season spring 2012 trend , its all about keeping a long healthy, shiny glamorous hair .

Winter 2012 : Trend Spotting

I know winter is nearly over , but I just can’t get over this winter’s trend which was the Fur vests – YES ! I just cant help myself and wait to get one speaking of “new OBSESSION”. I always love to look at new trends and make a wish list of things I’d like to pick up when these new items hit the stores but not any trend I seem to think of furs jacket and vests a kind of lifetime investment , you would never regret buying one you know you will need it someday. From faux to fox fur, this versatile statement piece adds a glam factor to dresses, jeans and beyond.

Here are some of the Fur Vests worn by celebrities that I liked :

Arabic calligraphy Art

Arabic calligraphy by London-based artist Samir Malik
By Khawar Bilal
By Khawar Bilal
By Khawar Bilal

Calligraphy is especially revered among Islamic arts since it was the primary means for the preservation of the Qur’an ( Islam holy book). Today the arabic calligraphy has its own form of art founded by young artists where they created a piece of art paintings ,carpets ,jewelry and also has been seen as a form of fine art that made a statement in the fashion world too in all pieces of clothing from shawls to tops etc …