Bag Fanatic


What bag did you like , to me , Each piece is a statement by its own

I love the Fendi Peekaboo Yellow/ Leopard Tote Bag for daytime and night
Hermes Kelly has been outgoing since everyone seems to be wearing it in every kind of occasion and accessorizing it with all type of accessory
Versace red leather bag , the first time i saw this bag was at the fashion show

Which bag do you like most ?

Many Love ,

5 thoughts on “Bag Fanatic

  1. Great article!! 🙂 Out of these bags my favourite is the Hermes bag, it really is a fabulous statement piece, but also a timeless classic! Overall though, my ultimate favourite bag from 2011 has to be Mulberry’s Polly Push Lock bag – extremely stylish, very practical & versatile enough to suit a wide range of looks and outfits! 🙂

    Happy New Year, and stay stylish,

    The Image Mistress, xoxo

    1. So sweet of you xxx
      Hermes Kelly is my favorite too ,its true a timeless classic even though its considered over priced , but compared to nowadays bags its reasonable since its so fashionably poised staying always instyle for all occasions 🙂
      Amen to that lol , staying stylish requires time , effort and budget !

      Happy New Year to you too love ,

      May 2012 , offer you with all your wishes of becoming true

      Love ,
      NOON xxx

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