The World’s expensive handbags


If you happen to have a lucky chance to buy one of those limited high-end bags , which one would you choose ?

chanel bag with diamond chain .Price : $ 261,000

Louis vuitton - (patchwork ) Price: $45 ,325

Hermes matte crocodile birkin . Price : $ 120,000

Hilde Palladino Gadino . Price : $ 38,500

Marc Jacobs .Delray bag . Price : $ 2, 350

The Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse. Price : $3.8 million . Designed by Robert Mouawad

Personally , I choose to buy classic timeless handbags first of all it will always be considered in fashion , second of all as a financial point of view it will be an investment a timeless piece that is worth every dollar you pay for .

Would love to hear your feedback .

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