Camilla Al-Fayed buys Duchess’s favorite label Issa

Camilla Al Fayed
Kate wearing the it “issa dress”

Issa is becoming so popular no surprise to this ! especially after The Duchess chose to appear in an Issa dress when she announced her engagement , and the same time she appeared to wear the same brand more than once for her royal tour .

Camilla alfayed the (famous London fashionista) move was so smart since she decided to buy a 51 % stake in the company.Camilla was motivated to do such investment since she loved fashion and when Issa announces an e commerce store, launching in a few weeks, as well as plans for a stand-alone boutique , that made her think why not make a move and take the brand into the next level since its popularity is growing meaning why not think internationally !

Creative Display windows in Kuwait

Chanel boutique
Chanel boutique , image 2
Louis Vuitton boutique

I came across those amazing display windows of both Chanel and Louis Vuitton boutiques located at the prominent Salhiya Complex in Kuwait , I was so pleased . It was catchy to the eye ,finally we have creative minds putting effort on display windows to attract shoppers in . I felt as if I was roaming abroad it gave me a glimpse of the fancy display windows founded on the famous rodeo drive , bond street and Avenue Montaigne .

So what do you think ?

Beauty and the Sun

Bronzer , by Armani
Irresistiblement bronzer by Nars

bronzer mist ,by Guerlin

Lady danger ,by Mac

After a long time of pale skin .. the sunshine season is back .. and even though your tanning and enjoying yourself under the sun at the beach we all know we need some beauty Tips to spice things up!

Those were my top essential summer picks for a glowing Sunkissed look .

My style Icon . .

Grace kelly – known for her pure femininity and integrity . She managed to be both strong and fragile , and allowed us to see how style could be identified by oneself .You can always be a “muse of fashion” of your time and the time to come with just expressing your unique style that you expose in your picks of fashion and trends and by your genuine attitude and voilà you get to be your generation’s style icon .

Who’s your style icon ?