Perfume fanatic . . .


I am seriously a perfume fanatic , I love to test out all newly launched perfumes and oud .Oud is an old arab scent or can be  some sort of oil.It actually comes from trees found in India, Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam and elsewhere in the South Asia region.  As I understand these trees will usually have some type of a fungal infection and the chips from pieces of those trees are ultimately made into Oud. To me the best smell of all is the smell of freshly cut grass and flowers . Since when I get to sniff such air I get to be in high spirits and cheerful  as if playing the role of “Alice in her wonderland “. During the summer time the joyful days of the year I put on very light perfumes such as “rose oud” a rose made perfume manufactured by AlJazzera shop , and chloe perfume and Trish McEvoy . During the cold nights I prefer the arabian scents such as Bukhoor or oud  and spicy kind of perfume such as Black Oud perfume where it evaporates with your skin reacts with the cool breeze of air and gives out an amazing aroma . If you are also a freshly cut grass” lover”  try this  1 year born fragrance named “untitled” by Maison Martin Margiela . Also since oud (arabian scent) became popular nowadays Trish McEvoy  made out this unbelievable  alluring Eau De parfume named “Precious Oud”.

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