My Dear L -Town & Santa Claus

Hellooooooooo ….Santa Claus is comming to town   … since Christmas is nearly here and people seem to start getting ready for it  I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Christmas . I seem to love Christmas season soo much  I find it very joyful especially with all the  high spirits  around you while you shop in Europe . Personally I seem to enjoy London so much during this season with all the dazzling Christmas lights on the streets alongside the amazing cold weather and the delicious seasonal food dining .OOH can’t continue with this  anymore  OR I ‘ll start to cry . LONDON ! LONDON ! LONDON !I really do MISS you this year . I wished  for you so badly but I guess my wish wasn’t  made true *sniff sniff* :^^.  2010 I really do hate you !

Dear Santa ,

All I want for Christmas is You You You ..





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