Cilantro cafe in Free zone Kuwait


Since I am an Italian cuisine lover  and the weather today was somehow cool , I decided to have coffee in some new coffee shop sharing a beautiful view of the Kuwait shores. In this case me and  a friend decided to try out the “CILANTRO CAFE” located in the Free zone next to Burger King and Scoop a cone . Since we both ate late and are already stuffed with food  we just had drinks we both  had coffee first cafe lattes then we decided to try their chilled drinks which are  strawberry smoothie and a latte frapp . Both were really good  !! try them out  you ll like it for sure . Their menu was filled with a variety of gourmet coffee,bakeries,salads , beverages  and desserts. I definitely need to drop  there a visit again but when am really hungry and  the weather gets cooler .

regards !

MayDelights 🙂




I was in a baking mood today and those cupcakes you see is what my family got to have for dessert after our futour . This was my second attempt for baking red velvet cupcakes which are my favorite flavour of all cupcakes . It was rated 7/10 considering it to be bitter :S ..

Should  work on my baking skills more often.Does anyone have a better red velvet cupcakes recipes considering that we are in oh lovely Kuwait and we don’t manage to have all ingredients that cookbooks initiate.

got some shots for you too see , always happy to share 😀