Bahrain Trip


YES … Bahrain ! Officially known as “Kingdom of Bahrain” literally: Kingdom of the two seas “heard a lot about how beautiful this country is. It’s known as Business friendly but it seems that it doesn’t end there even the people there are so kind and friendly . I was there for an occasion so my whole trip didn’t last more than 2 days but luckily we had time to check it out thanks for our friends who took us around and made this a memorable pleasant trip. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton that was recommended to us due to its good location and view overlooking the amazing shores of Bahrain , although the weather was gloomy but yeah still enjoyed the sea view . I have a huge interest in historic sites so went around checking them out such as the Kurar House, Beit Ebrahim Al Arrayed , The coffee house , Iqra house and Sheikh Ebrahim centre for culture and research . All above sites contain rich heritage of the ancient people living and civilizations which occupied the island. It’s a must see for every visitor to the kingdom.
The malls were huge very modern with all sort of stores from international to local brands. The thing that I liked most were their restaurants which were very trendy and in the same time had this old times Islamic house structural design that is renovated to a remarkable contemporary décor. The food and atmosphere was superb am definitely visiting back someday. The special feature of Bahrain is that it has a blend of heritage and contemporary which is pleasant to be seen in our fast tracking life where you have this thing inside you that always misses the good old times where everything was simple.

Hotel room View

An art in Karar house

Amazing painting

Mini burgers @Lelos cafe

Kurar House

Bahrain Airport

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