Kelly danse bag

Yes!! It’s the NEW Hermes Kelly danse bag, it’s simply stunning!a new offshoot of the classic iconic Hermes Kelly bag.
The best thing about this bag is that it’s a multi purpose bag you can wear it day or night without being anxious about not being appropriate for the occasion. It fits all whether you want to be chic or casual it can serve you both specially that it’s a pricey bag, It is versatile and can be used as a backpack, a messenger bag and a shoulder bag. As is typical with swift bags, the Kelly Danse is lined with swift to make it souple or mou, allowing it to be folded even though the style is sellier – with the stitching outside. This bag features an interior pocket and at the back of the bag are two metal hoops for the strap.

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The Desserts

Enjoy !

Good day everyone , am soo sleepy and am in bed and waiting any minute to pass out haha  .. soo hows your day dear people ? My day was filled with some delicious  desserts  such as a caramel cake , strawberry cheesecake , some fruit salad and “qemaat” some kind of  arabic dessert delight that we often have with our arabic coffee . As I mentioned previously we had a gathering at our house mom’s friends and my aunts . The gathering was a blast I always enjoy such gatherings that share both pleasant company and tasteful food .Can’t type anymore my eyes are  shutting down  seee yaa tommorow  and wishing you a  good sleep and sweet dreams 🙂

Hello world!


its Raining !

Today is my first day of blogging .So excuse me for any faults , took  me some time to understand how this works . I started the day with a  cup of coffee , and a delicious hot cheese sandwich yummy !  later on the day  went out to help  my mom with her  gathering   setting up the table , food, dessert , dishes, plus making sure everything needed is there . went for a walk for 15 mins not much. Oooh I forgot to mention today the weather was beautiful , started with a sunny day and ending with amazing showers .Loving it ! reminds me of the good times in London when I used to walk while it rains . I miss !! SO how was your day ? am looking forward to read your posts 🙂